730. Bissell Brothers Brewing Angels with Filthy Souls

Bissell Brothers Angels with Filthy SoulsUpdated 2015 batch: I got a fair amount of push back on my original review of AWFS. Many felt that I was far too generous of the beer but I did enjoy the 2014 batch even though it was a bit unorthodox. In 2015 Noah completely changed the recipe for AWFS making it more of a traditional porter and added maple syrup to give it a bit of complexity and that probably also helped to bump up the ABV a bit. Overall a different beer but still enjoyable.

Original review 2014 batch: The fourth beer release from Bissell Brothers Brewing is their first dark beer and it comes in the form of a heavily hopped porter. Angels with Filthy Souls is a reference to Home Alone that I completely missed but both my wife and eldest daughter picked up on it immediately. For those that have not seen Home Alone 100 times Angels with Filthy Souls is the black and white movie playing while Kevin is in the hotel room, the one with the machine gun noise and “keep the change, ya filthy animal”.

As you can see in the picture this beer pours a deep brown with a very thick tan head. Aroma has mix of roasted malts and floral hops, interesting aroma but nothing too exciting. Taste follows the same path a very mild chocolate/coffee start that is quickly replaced by the Amarillo hops and leaves a slightly oily film on the tongue and teeth.

An interesting beer and one I enjoyed but seemed thin for a porter but it wouldn’t really fit into the black ipa/Cascadian dark ale category either. Certainly worth trying if you can find a can of it.
Pros: Unique
Alcohol Content: 6.3% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Bissell Brothers Brewing
Brewers Description: Our first dark offering; this porter is laced with lactose sugar to balance the tremendous amounts of amarillo hops contained within. Debuted in December 2014 to commemorate both the holiday season and our first anniversary, this unique celebratory ale will always rear its yellow, no-good, fore-flushing kiester around Christmastime.

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