729. Hobbs Tavern Something Went A Rye IPA

Hobbs Tavern Rye IPAMade my first stop at Hobb’s Tavern to try their beer and grab a growler. They had a sampler of 5 beers available which included a cream ale, brown, rauchbier, pale ale and this rye IPA.

Sadly the beer was not very good, in fact the rauchbier and pale ale were almost undrinkable. I decided to take home a growler of the Rye IPA more for the growler and this review than for the beer itself. This beer pours a nice orange with a thick off white head. Aroma was slightly sweet from the rye and only a small amount of floral hops coming through. Taste was OK with the same slightly sweet and rye spice coming through. Carbonation was on target and there was minimal bitterness.

Overall Hobb’s Tavern has a wonderful facility in a beautiful setting but the beer has a lot of room for improvement.
Alcohol Content: 5.2% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): 55.3
Brewers Website: Hobb’s Tavern
Brewers Description: IPAs were originally developed with greater amounts of hops to help preserve the beer on the long boat voyage from Britain to India. The style has persisted because so many people love the extra flavor. We added rye round out the flavor profile. The mash got “stuck” creating even more work for our brewer, thankfully it is a labor of love and we pulled this very tasty, well rounded brew out of it.

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