726. Foundation Brewing Blaze

Foundation Brewing BlazeUntil recently Foundation only offered beer in growlers either directly from the brewery or at the Bier Cellar in Portland. This changed recently with the introduction of 750 ml bottles available both at the brewery and through select retailers. I picked up this bottle of Blaze at the brewery.

Blaze is Foundation’s hoppy saison using their house yeast with six different varieties of hops to create a very interesting beer. Appearance is an unfiltered orange with a nice off white head. Aroma is a mix of citrus/tropical hops and the spice from the saison yeast. Taste starts with the spicy saison then the hops come in with a nice juicy flavor.

The hoppy saison, Belgian IPA, hopped farmhouse ale or whatever you want to call it continues to grow on me but I still prefer a straight up saison or American style IPA.
Alcohol Content: 6.5% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): 68.5
Brewers Website: Foundation Brewing
Brewers Description: Vivid hop aromas, citrus, and tropical fruits meld with pine and spice. A touch of malt sweetness finishing with a smooth yet crisp bitterness. This is our marriage of classic American hop flavors with the fruity, spicy nature of our yeast. Honoring the tradition of a Saison, while exploring the spirit of the American IPA, this farmhouse IPA blazes its own path.

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