725. Baxter Brewing Bootleg Fireworks

Baxter Bootleg FireworksI went directly to Baxter Brewing for the release of Bootleg Fireworks. Baxter is actually the closest brewery to my home and office so making the trip over for the release only took a couple of minutes. Bootleg Fireworks is entirely different from the well balanced In’finiti’s DIPA but Baxter’s intent was to make a hop bomb and they were not concerned with balance.

Bootleg Fireworks is packaged in 16 oz cans like the other special releases from Baxter. I find this interesting as most of their beer comes in 12 oz cans so you might expect a 9% ABV DIPA to be released in the smaller packaging, instead you get the full 16 oz like you do with Heady Topper and many other canned DIPAs.

Appearance is a deep orange with large fluffy head. Aroma has some citrus and tropical fruits but also a fair amount of booze. Taste follows with layers upon layers of fruity hops. Very little bitterness as the alcohol takes control in the finish. I drank all four cans within the first week and I wish I had another to try after a few weeks as I expect it would develop a bit without losing a lot of the hop character, if I come across another 4-pack I may grab it both to make a comparison and because it was an enjoyable beer.
Cons: A bit boozy
Alcohol Content: 9.0% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Baxter Brewing
Brewers Description: This beer is intentionally a bit off balanced. It makes sense too, as the beer features 8 different hops, and 4 different dry hops over the course of 2 weeks. The malts are as light as possible to the chunks of hops added to this beer shine.

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