715. Sierra Nevada /Oskar Blues CANfusion Rye Bock

Sierra Nevada Rye BockI may be the only one left that is still chipping away at the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 12-pack. I got my 12-pack later than most and had already heard from many that the beer was lackluster at best. This one is a collaboration between Sierra Nevada and Oskar Blues from Colorado.

CANfusion pours a deep copper color with a thick off white head. Aroma is a mix of caramel and rye, not very pungent. Taste has some peppery spice, lots of sweet malts and a bit of citrus.

Another OK beer from Beer Camp 12-pack. Have a few more in the fridge that I will get to in the coming weeks. 

Alcohol Content: 7.2% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 45
Brewers Website: Sierra Nevada Beer Camp
Brewers Description: Our friends at Oskar Blues pioneered great beer in a can and, as mutual members of the canned craft club, this partnership was a perfect fit. CANfusion is a coming together—a fusion, if you will—of flavors from across the spectrum of brewing: spicy rye, tangy wheat and a bright citrusy hop aroma.

Oskar Blues is the granddaddy of canned craft beer. Like us, they have a fun-loving passion for the outdoors and bikes. It was a natural fit for them to adopt cans as a portable, durable way to tote their favorite beer on the trail, and in the process they paved the way for all other craft brewers to follow.

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