707. Kelsen Brewing Double Battle Axe

Kelsen Brewing Double Battle AxeTook my first trip to Kelsen Brewing in Derry NH and grabbed a bottle of their Double Battle Axe while I was there. This is their double IPA that won bronze metal at the 2014 US Open Beer Championship.

Appearance is a great orange color with an inch thick white head. Aroma is big as you would expect from a double IPA with lots or floral hops. Flavor starts with some sweet malts but this quickly gives way to lots of floral and earthy hops.

doublebattleaxe-with-backgroundThis is a big beer that is very easy to drink and it truly is a double version of their regular IPA “Battle Axe“. Really good beer but I still prefer my DIPAs to have more of a citrus than a floral hop profile. Kelsen has one of the best websites for a small brewery and some great artwork. Be sure to click through the links below to check it out. 
Appearance & Aroma
Alcohol Content: 9.0% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): 80
Brewers Links: Kelsen Brewing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Brewers Description: This beer uses a “damn the cost” approach to recipe design. We use 6 lbs of hops per BBL with a majority of those hops being used in late whirlpool additions and dry hopping. Following our steadfast commitment to drinkability in our beers, the abundance of hops produces a significant citrusy aroma and creates a unique “hop nectar” flavor that will surely satisfy the Imperial IPA aficionado. This beer also has a very light, dry malt profile that allows the intense hop flavors to explode from the glass.

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