704. Bissell Brothers Brewing Bucolia

Bissell Brothers BucoliaThe third offering from Bissell Brothers to make it into cans is their fall seasonal Bucolia. I believe this is classified as a red/amber ale however in true Bissell Brothers fashion it is heavily hopped for your enjoyment. You may notice the can is the same as Baby Genius but they affix a  clear label to the side to identify the beer within. The label is very well done and you might not even notice it is a label unless you were specifically looking for it.

Bucolia pours a deep copper color, not quite red but close. Aroma is loaded with citrus and pine, very enjoyable. Taste follows with those same citrus/pine notes but enough of a malt profile to keep things in line. Slightly bitter finish and a relatively low 5.6% ABV make this an easy drinking fall beer.

Really impressed with the Bissell Brothers first three offerings and I am sure to consume many more Bucolias before it is replaced by their winter seasonal. 
Flavorful and hoppy
Cons: Not your typical amber ale (but I am OK with that)
Alcohol Content: 5.6% ABV
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewery Links: Bissell Brothers Site, Facebook, Twitter
Brewers Description: Bucolia was our answer to the question of how to provide a robust beer with a deep, interesting malt character, while staying true to our passion of producing fresh, soaring hop flavors in our offerings.

We are thrilled with the result, and will continue brewing Bucolia through late Autumn / Early Winter.

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