700. Bissell Brothers Brewing Baby Genius

Bissell Brothers Baby GeniusThis is a great beer! I have been drinking it every chance I get this summer, mostly at Salvage BBQ in Portland and Marche in Lewiston. Unfortunately Bissell Brothers only did a single canning run before changing over to their fall seasonal so I only had the chance to purchase a couple 4-packs. I ended up sharing a couple cans with others and all that got the chance to try it raved about the robust flavor with low ABV.

Baby Genius pours an extremely murky pale orange with a thick white head. This is exactly what I want my beer to look like. Aroma is mild when compared to many of the big double IPAs I enjoy but when you consider this is a “blonde” and has a very low 4% ABV the aroma is huge. I put “blonde” in quotation marks as this is certainly not what you think of when you hear blonde ale. Lots of citrus and tropical fruits with just a hint of sweet malts in the aroma. Flavor follows with grapefruit, citrus and a bitterness that leaves you wanting more. How they pack so much flavor into such a low ABV beer I don’t know. Baby Genius is almost certainly not brewed to style as the hop profile is much bigger than a blonde should be and also has more bitterness but you will not hear me complaining.

This is one of the most flavorful low ABV beers that I have reviewed. This combined with the cloudy appearance and excellent aroma make this a beer you must try. I really hope they can this all summer long in 2015 as I will enjoy many cans of this and Rising Tide’s MITA while golfing. 
 Loads of flavor and low ABV
Cons: Not available year round 🙁
Alcohol Content: 4.0% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Bissell Brothers
Brewers Description:

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