693. Aeronaut Brewing Berliner Weisse

Aeronaut BerlinerPicked up this growler in one of my recent trades with someone from Mass. This is my first beer from Aeronaut and I opted for their Berliner Weisse as it is only 2% ABV and a style that I have been enjoying this summer. This is now the lowest ABV beer that I have ever had with the previous low being 2.9% from Blue Lobster’s Piscataquaweisse.

Aeronaut’s Berliner Weisse is a straight up Berliner with no fruit added. It pours a pale yellow with a thin white head that disappears almost immediately. This is typical for the style and it does not take away from the beer. Aroma has a light tart funk but is very mild. Taste is a bit tangy with some lemon and slightly acidic.  Enjoyable beer and super easy to drink.

I have not had too many Berliner Weiss’ but it seems the ones I enjoy have some fruit added like Blue Lobster’s from above or Night Shift’s Ever Weisse which has strawberries, kiwis and hibiscus flowers.
Pros: Extremely drinkable
Alcohol Content: 2.0% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Aeronaut Brewing
Brewers Description: Champagne of the north – delightfully tart with fantastic lightness.

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