686. The Alchemist Rapture

The Alchemist RaptureI finally made it to an Alchemist Tent Sale in August and picked up the mixed case of beer including; Rapture, Focal Banger, Crusher and even scored the two 4-packs of Heady. You can read about my trip and see some pics here

Rapture was the only beer of the bunch that had not been released previously so it was the first beer I opened when I got home. This beer was brewed with the same recipe as Crusher however they used 35% more hops and dry hopped with Mosaic instead of Citra. 

Appearance is darker than Crusher and Heady but still a nice color for a DIPA. It does have some floaties which you can see in the photo. Some people may not like this in a beer but I don’t mind it. Nice white head that left a lot of lacing on the glass. Aroma is not as big as  the other Alchemist beers and certainly has more malt coming through. Some citrus, pine and also a bit of alcohol. Taste follows with a nice mix of tropical fruits that quickly give way to those sweet malts. As it warmed the malt became more prominent and the alcohol also started to hit a little harder. 

Overall this was a very good beer but when I read the description of Crusher with 35% more hops I was really hoping for a bigger badder hop character instead of a larger malt bill to attempt to balance things out. If you can find a can of this give it a try as it is an excellent beer but I will take Crusher or Banger over this one. 

Alcohol Content: 9.6% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: The Alchemist
Brewers Description: Rapture was brewed with 35% more hops, and was dry-hopped exclusively with Mosaic, as opposed to The Crusher , which was dry-hopped with Citra.

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