668. Night Shift Brewing Ever Weisse

Night Shift Ever WeisseNight Shift makes some excellent beer and I really need to make the trip down to Everett to visit their tap room. Checking their site today and they have 15 beers available for tasters; 9 beers available for growler fills and 5 different bottles available for purchase. Few breweries in the Northeast have the wide range of styles and this many beers available. The list includes everything from the sours, to a summer porter and even a resinous DIPA.

This bottle was brought back by Paul who took a trip to Mass to tour some breweries and he was nice enough to grab me a couple bottles. Appearance is a nice orange with a slightly pink hue, not as pink as JoJo. Almost no head which seems to happen with sours. Aroma has lots of fruit, not fruit from hops like you get in the IPAs but actual fruit. Also get some slight funk and floral notes.

Taste was my favorite part of this beer as it starts with a tart lemon with some strawberry and as it warmed I picked up more of the hibiscus. Funky and slight acidity make this a very complex beer. I will be making the trip to Night Shift soon and will post when I am headed that way, be sure to comment if you want to tag along. 
Refreshingly tart and very complex
Alcohol Content: 5.1% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Night Shift Brewing
Brewers Description: Berliner Weisse style sour ale aged on strawberries, kiwis, and dried hibiscus flowers.

Sold exclusively at our brewery in Everett, Ever Weisse is what most beers are not – hopped minimally, soured extensively, pink in color, aged on hand-chopped fruit, brewed in tiny batches, and available at at only one location. It sips fruity and tart, with a touch of tangy sweetness. It does not taste like other beers do, nor should it.

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