653. Hill Farmstead Mary

Hill Farmstead MaryOut of the 652 beer reviewed before this one there have been exactly 4 pilsners including a couple that were really bad. There are a few reasons you do not see more pilsners being reviewed; first not many craft breweries are producing pilsners. Second it is a style that I generally do not enjoy however if Hill Farmstead makes it then I must try it.

Mary is a traditional German Pilsener that comes in at a very easy drinking 5.4% ABV. The color is what you would expect for a pilsener with a straw yellow and nice white head. Aroma has the grains you would expect and a hint of lemon. Taste is where this one really excels with a crisp clean malt sweetness followed by some grass, earthy, lemon zing.

Very easy to drink, refreshing and just an overall great beer. Between this beer and Banded Horn’s Pepperell Pils you may actually start to enjoy drinking this style.
Very tasty
Alcohol Content: 5.6% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Hill Farmstead
Brewers Description: 
Mary was Edward’s mother and our great-grandmother. A German-style pilsner brewed with our well water, American 2-row malt, our favorite German hops, classic German lager yeast.

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