642. Hop Valley Brewing Alpha Centauri

Hop Valley Alpha CenturaiMy second beer from Hop Valley Brewing that I grabbed on a recent trip to Vermont. With a brewery name like Hop Valley you expect them to know how to use hops and make quality IPAs and DIPAs. First beer was their Citrus Mistress which I enjoyed and now moving on to their Imperial IPA which comes in at a solid 9% ABV.

Appearance is pretty typical of a big IPA with a nice orange color and solid off white head. The beer is crystal clear and you can see the tiny bubbles of carbonation floating to the top. The aroma was a little more subtle than I expected but there still is plenty of citrus and pine. Taste starts with a fair amount of bitterness then the citrus hops come in, finished with a slight taste of alcohol but not bad for a 9% beer.

Overall quite pleased with the first two offerings from Hop Valley and would love to go to the brewery and taste these beers super fresh. 
Solid DIPA, minimal alcohol taste for the ABV
Alcohol Content: 9.0% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 100
Brewers Website: Hop Valley Brewing
Brewers Description:
Big flavor, intense pine and citrus aroma. We keep the malt profile clean in this imperial IPA to let the love lights shine on the fine Oregon hops.

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