635. Austin Street Brewery Patina Pale Ale

Austin Street Patina Pale AleAdding an update to this review as Austin Street put this in cans using Bissell Brothers canning line before Bissell moved to Thompson Point. The canned version tasted equally as good but was far less clear than the original beer I reviewed.

Patina Pale Ale is the first official beer from Austin Street Brewery. I was fortunate enough to try several of Jake’s test batches before the brewery officially opened and all were excellent.

Austin Street Brewery Petina Pale AlePatina Pale is a light crisp hop forward pale ale that pours a nice golden color. Thin white head leaves minimal lacing. Aroma is mild but what is there is pleasant. Slightly bitter but pleasant taste with a solid hop profile. Finish is clean making this a very drinkable beer.

As with many new breweries I think Jake will continue to dial this in over the coming weeks and months to make Patina Pale even better than it already is. There is also a brett version of this beer that I have sampled that will put an entirely different spin on the classic pale ale.
Alcohol Content: 5.3% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Austin Street Brewery
Brewers Description: “Patina Pale” ale is our hop forward American pale ale.  Brewed with copious amounts of American “C” hops with just enough of a malt base for the hops to stand on.  Citrusy, piney hop flavors are complimented by a light, yet full bodied mouth feel and dry finish.

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