628. Maine Beer Company Dinner

Maine Beer Company DinnerPicked up my four bottles of Dinner at Maine Beer Company the day of the release and scored two more bottles from the person I was meeting at the brewery. Ended up trading or giving away all bottles except for this one to people that could not make the mid-week trip to the brewery. Maine Beer does a nice job with their hoppy beers and after moving to their new facility in Freeport they have released a fairly steady stream of new beers; Weez, Another One, a tiny beautiful something and now Dinner.

Dinner is their first double IPA although Lunch, Weez and Another One have only a slightly lower ABV. The beer looks like many other Maine Beer brews; orange with a thick off white head. Aroma is pretty strong with plenty of floral and grapefruit. Taste was what you would expect from Maine Beer Company, hoppy and pretty smooth. Unlike many other DIPAs I have tried this one is fairly bitter up front and even though the alcohol is only 8.2% there was a fair amount of alcohol burn. I expect this from IPAs in the 10%+ ABV but didn’t expect it from Dinner.

Overall this was a very good DIPA but it really doesn’t compare to those from The Alchemist, Hill Farmstead and a few other breweries. Hopefully Maine Beer will make this again as I know a lot of people that missed out on it.
Alcohol Content: 8.2% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Maine Beer Company
Brewers Description: Our first Double IPA – dry, refreshing and hoppy. We really focused on hop flavor and aroma here. To maximize hop character, we dry hopped Dinner twice with over 6 lbs. of hops per barrel. For the best experience, please enjoy fresh as possible.

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