624. Trillium Brewing Congress Street IPA

Trillium Congress StThis is my third beer from Trillium and I am looking forward to many more. Still have not made the trip to the brewery but I hope to soon.

Congress Street IPA is one of their most sought after beers so I was lucky to have someone bring me a fresh growler. This beer pours a hazy orange with a nice white head. I like beers that I cannot see through. Aroma has loads of citrus and tropical fruits, excellent and very inviting. Taste is well balanced but still lots and lots of hops, tropical and grapefruit seem to stand out.

Trillium Congress StreetFinish is slightly creamy, kind of reminded me of Jai Alai. Also a fair amount of bitterness but in a good way. Really enjoyed this one from Trillium and I will need to get down there soon to check out the brewery first hand and grab some more beer. 
Balanced, bitter and full of hops
Alcohol Content: 7.2% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??

Brewers Website: Trillium Brewing
Brewers Description: 

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