611. Strong Brewing The Maineiac

Strong Brewing MaineiacMade my first trip to Strong Brewing in Sedgwick Maine on my way back from a recent trip to Bar Harbor. They had 4 beers on tap when I was there including The Maineiac, their double IPA. I love DIPAs but I did restrain myself and only brought home a 32 ounce growler instead of the full 64 ounces.

This is a big beer at 10% ABV and when beers get that big I find some brewers lose the hops to the massive amount of malts used to try to balance the beer out. I know very little about the intricacies of brewing as I drink beer, I don’t brew it but there are great DIPAs that don’t lose the hops; Hill Farmstead’s, Heady Topper, Calcutta Cutter, Lunch, etc and then there are beers like The Maineiac.

This beer pours a deep orange with a thick off white head. Aroma is strong but more towards the sweet malts than hops. Taste is about the same with loads of sweet malts which overwhelm the hops. Alcohol is also quite apparent which is not surprising for a 10% beer. The Maineiac was certainly not a bad beer but just not what I prefer from my double IPAs.
Cons: hops are lost
Alcohol Content: 10.0% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Strong Brewing
Brewers Description: A double IPA for the hop lover.

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