604. Pretty Things Beer Jack D’Or

Pretty Things Jack D'OrAs you can probably tell I was on a bit of a saison kick for a few days and this was the last of the bunch I drank. This one was similar but lacking the brett funk of the last two.

This one pours a light orange color with a single finger white head. Aroma has some citrus, lemon and earthy notes but overall is pretty mild. Taste follows but adds some floral hops that are not apparent in the aroma.

Pretty Things describes this a table beer, something simple, drinkable and enjoyable and I have to agree. This is an excellent beer on its own or with a meal. 

Alcohol Content: 6.5% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 57
Brewers Website: Pretty Things
Brewers Description: “Jack D’Or” is a simple table beer, or “Saison Americain” as we’re referring to it. We are not trying to coin a beer style – we’re just having fun.  The Jack D’Or (pronounced “Jack Door”), is at the very center of Pretty Things and nearly three years on we’re still pleased as punch that he joined us!

One thought on “604. Pretty Things Beer Jack D’Or”

  1. d’Or means Gold in French. So many plays on words here that it is spinning. I like the idea of an “American Saison” though. Americans seem to be making and drinking more saisons then the French these days!


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