597. Out.Haus Ales Pale Ale

Out.Haus Ales PaleThis is my first beer from Out.Haus ales a tiny one barrel brewery located in Northwood, NH. The brewery does not have on site tastings or tours but you can find bottles at many craft beer stores in New Hampshire. Their Facebook page has the details on what stores carry their product. All bottles are 22 ounce bombers with a simple lable showing the style and company logo.

The pale ale pours a nice clear orange with a two finger off white head. Aroma is nice but has a lot of malt and very little hops. Taste follows but does have a nice light earthly hop flavor to it. Still malt dominant but overall it works for this beer.

Pretty impressed with the first offering from this tiny brewery and will certainly give some of their other beers a try in the coming months.
Alcohol Content: 5.1% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 40
Brewers Website: Out.Haus Ales
Brewers Description: 

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