587. Penobscot Bay Brewery Mountain Man DIPA

Penobscot Bay Mountain ManThis beer was first brewed for Nocturnem Drafthaus’ second anniversary and eventually made its way to some brewfests and into bottles. I had a sample of the beer at the brewery prior to its release and really enjoyed it. When I saw it at The Vault in Lewiston I decided to grab a bottle.

Mountain Man DIPA comes in a cork and cage 750 ml bottle which is unusual for a double IPA. Appearance is a nice deep orange with a thick off white head. Aroma is almost entirely malt with only a very small amount of flowery hops. Taste is certainly malt forward but the same flowery hops are present. I prefer my DIPAs to be full of citrus, pine or dank hops not flowery.

When I posted this on my Facebook page originally I had a few comments from people that had it both on ta[ and from the bottle  and liked it more on draft. Overall I like the beer from Penobscot Bay Brewery but this one missed the mark.  
Alcohol Content: 9.5% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Penobscot Bay Brewery
Brewers Description: Mountain Man, first brewed to celebrate the second anniversary of Nocturnem Drafthaus in Bangor, is an American Double India Pale Ale that an experienced beer drinker will love. Intensely hoppy at 100+ IBUs. Made with Warrior, Centennial and local Cascade hops. Drinks clean with notes of citrus, pine and earth yet nicely balanced with a smooth, rich malt backbone. Best to drink this one cold and young. In 750ml cork and cage bottle. Photo – Hunter at Shin Pond – courtesy of Patten Lumberman’s Museum.

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