581. SoMe Brewing Box the Compass

Some Brewing Box the CompassIf you check SoMe’s website you will see this one described as a 6.6% ABV single IPA however when Dave brewed it the first time on his new system it came out bigger than expected, MUCH BIGGER. The 6.6% became at least 9.9% (possibly more) and the beer quickly left the single IPA classification and moved to the DIPA category. I opted for a 32 ounce howler instead of bringing home a full 64 ounces of a beer this big.

The beer itself is quite good  with a deep orange color and like the other beer from SoMe Brewing a minimal head. Aroma was very sweet with loads of malts but very little in the way of hops. Taste follows with a huge malt base and a solid amount of hops but the malts are really in the forefront on this one. This is not the palate wrecking double IPA you might expect with a nearly 10% ABV.

I am pleased with the beers I have tried from SoMe Brewing and I think things will only get better as Dave spends some time with his new brew system. Keep an eye on their Facebook page and make regular visits to SoMe as I expect good things coming out of York. 
Alcohol Content: 9.9% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 99
Brewers Website: Some Brewing
Brewers Description:

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