576. Gneiss Brewing Obsius

Gneiss ObsiusThis is the fourth and final beer I brought home from Gneiss Brewing. You may have noticed a theme in the name of the brewery and their beers, geology. The brewer’s description below and their website have a lot more detail on the name of the brewery and the beers. I opened this one during the ice storm we had just prior to Christmas in Maine, seemed like a good time to drink stout.

Obsius is a weizen stout (wheat stout) which is a style not often brewed. This beer is black with a thin tan head that went away quickly. The aroma was fairly tame but had some nice roasted malt and wheat. Obsius is very tasty with plenty plenty of roasted chocolate, minimal coffee which is a plus for me and a creamy mouth feel.

Overall this is a nice change from the big imperial stouts that so many larger brewers choose to make. If you like dark beer but don’t want to be able to drink more than 12 ounces this is a good choice for you. 
Creamy mouth feel
Alcohol Content: 5.9% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 15
Brewers Website: Gneiss Brewing
Brewers Description: Obsius is a weizenstout, a wheat dominated stout brewed with our weiss yeast. Obsius is a rich and creamy beer with lots of roast and finishing with the bittering from the dark malts, not the hops.

The name of this beer is derived from ancient mythology. According to the writings of Pliny the Elder, Obsuis was a Roman explorer who happened upon the stone we now know as Obsidian during his travels in Ethiopia. Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass.  It is generally ejected from a volcanic explosion and cools so rapidly that no crystals form and the rock is smooth as glass.  It is primarily silica oxide (70-75%) with magnesium and iron oxide contributions.

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