574. Fiddlehead Brewing IPA

Fiddlehead IPAMade my first visit to Fiddlehead Brewery on a trip to Vermont last month and I am glad I did. First they have really nice growlers and glasses. The pint glass pictured actually has little fiddleheads laser etched in the bottom of the glass. Second they make some excellent beer.

I came with a full growler of the IPA and a 32 ounce howler of their Hodad Porter (see my next review). The IPA is a straight up American IPA at a very reasonable 6.2% ABV and 53 IBUs. Nothing over the top about this beer but it is flavorful and easy to drink. Fiddlehead IPA pours a nice orange color with an off white head that leaves loads of lacing (see photo below).

Aroma has plenty of fresh citrus hops, again not huge but very nice. Taste follows with the citrus and a nice sweet balance with almost no bitterness. This beer was quite refreshing and certainly worth making the short trip south of Burlington to Shelburne.
Well balanced

Alcohol Content: 6.2% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 53
Brewers Website: Fiddlehead Brewing
Brewers Description: This medium bodied American style IPA has an alluring golden glow and beautifully blends three strains of hops.  While strong citrus notes ambush your taste buds halfway through the palate, the beer finishes very crisp and dry.

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