569. Gneiss Brewing Au Nugget

Gneiss Brewing Au NuggettTook a trip to Limerick, Maine to visit Gneiss (pronounced nice) Brewing and brought home one full growler and three 32 ounce howlers. Opted for a full growler of their single hop IPA Au Nugget.

Gneiss is using at least 50% wheat in all their beer and a German Hefeweizen yeast strain. This makes for an interesting take on traditional styles. This single hop IPA uses all Nugget hops and is very easy drinking at 5.3% ABV.

Appearance is a nice unfiltered orange with a single finger white head. Aroma leans more towards the Hefeweizen yeast with some lemon but there was some spicy hops there too. The taste differed significantly as it warmed, when cold the yeast really took over and as it warmed the spice from the hops came through nicely. I originally thought they filled my growler with their Weiss beer instead of the IPA but as it warmed the hops were more prevalent.

Overall a very drinkable single hop IPA and certainly a different take than many other start-up breweries are taking.
Pros: Appearance and very drinkable
Alcohol Content: 5.3% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 57
Brewers Website: Gneiss Brewing
Brewers Description: The second offering of our Single Hop Epoch, Au Nugget is a sessionable Wheat IPA single hopped with Nugget hops. Our house yeast works with the large hop bill to produce a more traditional piney, resiny hop bitterness with a zesty, lemon note. Light enough to crush at 5.3% ABV, but hoppy enough to savor at 57 IBU. Prost!

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