54. Samuel Adams Imperial Stout

Took me 53 reviews to get to my first stout and now 2 in a row. This Imperial Stout from Sam Adams is entirely different from the Shipyard reviewed in #53. Pours to the same almost black color, nice thick head that thins quickly but remains to leave a nice lace on the glass as you drink. Taste is a slightly burnt chocolaty flavor which is better than the coffee flavor of the Shipyard Blue Fin. I cannot figure out what the aroma is but it is not terribly appealing. Sam Adams site says this would go well with Oysters or dessert, I don’t eat oysters so had to try it after dinner as a dessert and it worked well. High alcohol content and thickness make this a sipping beer. If you like stouts give this one a try.
Pros: Color, Alcohol content
Cons: Aroma (strange smell)
Alcohol Content: 9.2% ABV
Calories: 308
IBU (Bitterness): 42
Rating: ★★★☆☆
Brewers Website: Samuel Adams
Brewers Description: A massive beer once brewed for royalty. Samuel Adams® Imperial Stout is our take on the traditional Russian imperial stouts from the 18th century.  While this style originated in England, American craft brewers have embraced the style and taken it to whole new level of flavor and complexity.  We think we raised the bar again.  Samuel Adams Imperial Stout is a massive beer filled with big, dark flavors.  It has been a brewery favorite in recent years and we are excited to share this intense brew with you.Samuel Adams Imperial Stout is our take on the traditional Russian imperial stouts from the 18th century.  English brewers supplied these stouts for the Russian imperial court of Catherine the Great, who had taken a great liking to the beer.  In order for the beer to survive the long trip to St. Petersburg, the flavor and alcohol were amped up to preserve the beer.
The first thing you notice about this beer is its color.  It is black as night and almost completely opaque.  Next is the cappuccino colored head and the aroma filled with notes of coffee, smoky chocolate, and licorice.
Samuel Adams Imperial Stout was brewed with seven different varieties of malted barley, each delivering its own unique flavor for the beer.  But this beer is not a “malt bomb”.  It is balanced by 50 BUs of East Kent Goldings hops that have a clean earthy aroma and pleasant bitterness. This is a colossal beer that should be savored and enjoyed

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