526. Evil Twin Justin Blåbær

Evil Twin JustinI believe this is only my second berliner weiss in 526 beers but certainly not my last I am really enjoying this style of beer. Many people will buy this beer for the label or the name, I will admit I did as my 6-year old daughter loves Justin Bieber. Once people try the beer they will quickly forget the label or the funny name and realize the beer is just plain good.

The appearance is very interesting cloudy pink color with just a skim on a white head that disappears almost immediately. Aroma is quite tart with plenty of blueberries. Taste follows with a nice sour start, some blueberry and very refreshing finish.

This beer was a complete surprise to me as I was not sure what I was buying when I picked it up at Bier Cellar but I am glad I had a chance to try it. 

Alcohol Content: 4.5% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Evil Twin
Brewers Description: OMG! It’s JUSTIN BLABAER!!! If you have “Blabaer Fever,” then this is the only cure. We stuffed so many blueberries into this beer- it’s going to make you shout, “Oh, Baby!” This is dedicated to AVSB, A&F YFFL-EW, MW, RWM, BE, SS, RC.

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