525. Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project Meadowlark IPA

Pretty Things Meadowlark IPAMy second beer from Pretty Things and this is their IPA which is dangerously close to being a double at 7% ABV.

Appearance is very nice orange and thick white head that leaves a fair amount of lacing. Plenty of citrus with some grapefruit, pine and floral notes as well. Taste follows with the loads of hops but enough base malts to keep it in balance. Finish is smooth and makes this beer very drinkable even at 7% ABV.

So far I am liking their beers and you can expect to see more reviews of Pretty Things Beer in the coming months. 
Tasty and easy to drink
Alcohol Content: 7.0% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 85
Brewers Website: Pretty Things Beer
Brewers Description: Meadowlark IPA is a new juicy and floral hoppy, hoppy ale we brewed to celebrate the flavor and spirit of American craft brewing.  This 7% alcohol beer has a sunny orange-yellow colour, 85 International Bittering Units, a smooth mouthfeel and layer upon layer of soft flowery hops.  We wove earthy Citra and bitter Bravo hops from the Pacific Northwest with intensely fruity and aromatic Galaxy hops from Australia. The malts are English pale malt & mild ale malt, pale crystal (1.3% of the grist), flaked barley with malty highlights from Munich malt and a bijoux of Roasted Barley.  The resulting patchwork is as “American” tasting as short ribs and slaw, and provides an excellent accompaniment to that kind of food too!  Very hoppy and bitter.  Yum.

This Spring Martha became a US citizen and shortly after we embarked on a cross country trek by car, from our headquarters in Somerville, Massachusetts to San Diego with stops at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Kansas City, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Denver.  There was a lot of barbecue and craft beer along the way and it was a sprint rather than a crawl, but the trip provided more than enough inspiration for our first ever American-style beer. From clambering over the red rocks of Utah to buying cowboy boots in a chicken-and-feed store in Arizona, we had an American adventure, ending up at the Craft Brewers’ Conference in San Diego. On the way, we also brewed our first ever collaboration beer with Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City, due to launch August 1st, 2012.

We’re flattered that some people are surprised to hear that Pretty Things is making an American IPA.  Martha and I spent almost three years in England, a vast beer paradise mind you, often craving hoppy American beers.  These beers are very much part of the great fabric of the beer world just as bitter or bock or lambic, saison or stout. It would be a true omission if we left this one out.  Also, I (Dann) spent two decades working in breweries here in the U.S. making and perfecting IPA’s.  Perhaps you’ve never heard of any of these but I formulated and brewed  hoppy beers like North East Brewing Company’s “Lobsterback IPA” (1996-2001), Concord IPA (2002-2004), Rapscallion Blessing (2002-2004), Haverhill’s “Leatherlips IPA” (still out there) and “Supershow 69″(2005?).  It’s part of my heritage as a first-generation craft brewer and I very much feel a need to express and enjoy this.

Also, this beer was a chance to reunite with an old friend and former Head Brewer of Boston’s Tremont Brewery: Jeff Beigert.  Jeff and I would occasionally secretly brew together back in the mid-1990′s before brewer “collaborations” were a thing. Fifteen years or so later here we were again, and Martha and I brought in Jeff to help brainstorm the perfect American IPA.  We really think Jeff’s work on creating the perfect water profile was the start of a great beer.  So cheers for indulging us and we truly hope you enjoy this one – we sure worked hard on making it a great IPA for you!

Meadowlark will be available in 22 ounce bottle and on draft in bars and restaurants year ’round in 2013, but the decreasing availability of these fine hops, as well as our justified refusal to substitute may mean stores run out here and there.

Lastly, don’t be silly and save this beer for a rainy day.  Hops disappear before long and lose their true brilliance.  So again, drink up!

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