524. Rising Tide Calcutta Cutter

Rising Tide Calcutta CutterI’m a sucker for a good double IPA and Rising Tide is one of my favorite breweries. Throughout 2013 they have been right on with so many of their releases; Maine Island Trail, Spinnaker and some of Entrepot series were some of my favorites this summer. As we end summer and start fall they released Calcutta Cutter a very nice double IPA. I enjoyed this from a bottle initially and then stopped by the brewery for a growler a week later.

This one pours a nice clear orange color with a thin white head. Pine and citrus hops dominate the aroma. Taste is excellent with loads of hops but it is also very well balanced. Finish is clean and only slightly bitter.

Very impressed with this double IPA from Rising Tide and it is certainly one of my favorite Maine beers. 
Loads of hops and very well balanced
Alcohol Content: 8.7% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness):
Brewers Website: Rising Tide
Brewers Description: Imperial IPA. Double IPA. XIPA. IIPA. Whatever you want to call it, Calcutta Cutter is our homage to hops. Lots of hops. Early hops. Late hops. Very late hops. Dry hops. Then we condition the bottles in a bed of hops. Well, maybe not that last bit, but you get the idea. With just enough malt body and alcohol to balance the beer out, we let the lupulin shine.

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