517. Lagunitas Lucky 13

Lagunitas Lucky 13I picked up this beer at Whole Foods in Portland after The Festival. The bomber was fairly inexpensive $6 or $7 and well worth the money.

This is a hoppy red/amber ale which is a nice change from the typical amber ale. Color is red with a very nice white head. Aroma has plenty of malt but also some piney/floral hops. This beer is very appealing in both look and smell. The beer is very well balanced with plenty of sweet malts and enough pine hops to make it enjoyable. Alcohol is very well hidden and 22 ounces is just enough for a nice evening.

Easily one of my favorite red/amber ales. 
Hoppy for a red
Alcohol Content: 8.9% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 77
Brewers Website: 
Brewers Description: We made the Lucky 13 in 2006 for our 13th Anniversary Celebrations, but we liked that Mondo Large Red Ale so much we kept bringing it back year after year. In 2010 we switched up the recipe by swapping the more heavily roasted malts with lighter ones — lightening it up and making it more fitting for the summer months…we also changed her hair color. Who do you like better….Betty or Veronica?

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