516. Sebago Brewing Bass Ackwards Berryblue Ale

Sebago Bass AckwardsThis is my second of three blueberry beers and probably my favorite. First I must admit that I am not a big blueberry fan, in a muffin they are OK but other than that I rarely have blueberries. This beer came from a Sebago Brewing employee and has been in my fridge for a while.

The beer looks like your typical beer which is encouraging, deep copper color with a very thin white head. Aroma is minimal but there is a bit of berry in there with some nice malts. Taste is a nice ale with just a hint of blueberry sweetness in the finish.

For me this is a good blueberry ale as it was very much a beer first with only a hint of blueberry.

Alcohol Content: 4.0% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 13.4
Brewers Website: Sebago Brewing
Brewers Description: Bass Ackwards Berryblue Ale is brewed during the Maine blueberry harvest. It is an unfiltered, all-natural mild pale ale made with real Maine blueberry juice. It is a refreshing, well balanced beer that has a crisp, fruity aroma and finishes clean and dry. The name Bass Ackwards Berryblue Ale is for its unconventional use of only fresh blueberries in the fermenter. The result is a surprisingly simple drinkability that enables you to drink more than one. Try a Black and Blue, our Bass Ackwards mixed with our rich Lake Trout Stout.

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