507. Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project Magnifico

Pretty Things MagnificoAnother new Massachusetts brewery for me but this one is easier to get as they distribute in Maine. This is a pale ale with a very low 3.4% ABV. I really enjoy these low ABV beers as you can enjoy them with dinner and not get full just from the beer.

This one looks like a pale ale should, a nice light copper color with a thick white head. Aroma is very mild with only a bit of hop and Belgian yeast coming through. The taste is also mild but well balanced and very drinkable. A nice sweet start followed by just a bit of floral hops and yeast. Overall this was exactly what I would expect from a low ABV pale ale. 
Tasty for a low ABV beer
Alcohol Content: 3.4% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 40
Brewers Website: Pretty Things
Brewers Description: Do you ask, “Who is a ¡Magnifico!”?  IT IS A PITY TO ASK SUCH A QUESTION!  Dear friends Magnifico is one of our most favorite seasonal offerings -our friendliest beer ever.  In 2011 we slip him into our line-up without fuss, all by ourselves on a private world-party tour of a small part of Boston.  We swear nobody comes, but no admonishments!

This year, he says hello again my friends and this time he’s in bottle too. We love him because he’s only 3.4% alcohol by volume and perfectly full of lovely Citra, Horizon, Simcoe and Bravo hops.  He also likes barley (because you must in order to make beer).  He has Munich Malt, Crystal Malt and Maris Otter from Inglaterra.

Look at the label of ¡Magnifico!!   It’s also magnifico!  He’s just a little chico – malinki hop with a moustache gigante!  He has big heart for such small creature.  It’s the spirit of beer my friends and friendship and happiness.  And loveliness.  My friends, we hope you enjoy ¡Magnifico!(!) in the same spirit.

Oh, we nearly forget… if you drink ¡Magnifico!(!) in a bistro or cantina make sure you ask for proper glass!  Jambo!

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