503. Stone R&R Coconut IPA

Stone CoconutI didn’t realize it when I bought it but this is also a homebrew competition winner that Stone brewed (see brewer’s description below). The thought of a coconut IPA was really intriguing to me and I was really hoping for something different than the many other Stone IPAs.

The bottle is really nice and the beer pours a nice orange with a white head. Aroma is nice with plenty of citrus but I got no coconut. Taste was where I really hoped this one would excel but it ended up being just another Stone IPA. Still a good beer and I had heard you get more coconut in the aroma/flavor as it warms but my bomber was gone before it had a chance.

Overall this is a good beer but not what I had hoped for. 
A nice IPA
Lack of coconut
Alcohol Content: 7.7% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 90
Brewers Website: Stone
Brewers Description: Originally dreamt up by homebrewers Robert Masterson and Ryan Reschan, who earned themselves the top prize in our 2013 American Homebrewers Association homebrewing contest, this innovative beer marks a refreshing sea change for IPA lovers everywhere. It was brewed with 280 pounds of coconut and an unusual blend of hop varieties, including a few from faraway lands or just brand spankin’ new, and is guaranteed to taste like no IPA that’s gone before. Prepare yourself for a tropical breeze of a brew that will lull you to a place of tranquil contentment for a little R & R.

One thought on “503. Stone R&R Coconut IPA”

  1. I would LOVE to try this beer, impossible to get ahold of where I am, but I keep hearing the same thing from most all respectable beer reviewers- “good beer but not what I expected.” When something says coconut on it, one would assume a slightly more prominent coconut presence or a deeper hinting/accentuation.
    Ommegang’s newest Game of Thrones beer, a stout has licorice root and star anise on it’s label which makes a lot of people turn up their nose, but in fact, from what I hear, balances the stout out nicely without attacking or falling away. Massive disappointment that the R&R wasn’t more like the home brew that won the competition.
    But still, I’m jealous that you got a try it!!

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