487. White Birch First Sparrow

White Birch First SparrowI made the mistake of opening this beer without reading the description of the beer. The only thing I knew about it was the ABV at 3.8% so I assumed it would be a light easy drinking beer for a nice summer day. What I didn’t realize is First Sparrow is a smoked beer which was completely not what I wanted.

This beer looks really great with a nice hazy orange color and thick white head. My first hint that this beer was not what I thought was in the nose, nice smoke and wheat aroma. Taste is where this one really lost me with plenty of smoky flavor and a slight hop bitterness in the finish. Smoke flavors linger long after you are done drinking.

First Sparrow is very flavorful and quite enjoyable, I will try this beer again in the future and may update this review as the 2.5 star rating may be a bit harsh simply because I failed to read what I was drinking. 
Alcohol Content: 3.8% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: White Birch
Brewers Description: A contemporary take on the near forgotten Grodziski style, First Sparrow flies from the netherworld of antiquated beer and straight into your heart. Smoked and heavily hopped, our little bird chirps her three note song, and spring is here. Brewed with wheat and Rauchmalts, a neutral german ale strain, and lovely german hops.

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