462. Brewery Vivant Escoffier Bretta Ale

Vivant EscoffierI had high hopes for this beer being a collaboration with New Belgium Brewing and being a brett beer in a can. Overall I was happy with the beer but I think I am spoiled by the great funky beer coming out of Allagash and Oxbow.

Appearance may be the best part of this beer with a nice orange color and thick off white head. Aroma is a bit odd with some apple tart and a bit of funk but not overly pleasant. Taste was disappointing with a little brett and some light fruit but also some flavors that just seemed off, not even sure what they were. Alcohol was well hidden but overall this is not a beer that I would seek out again. 
Cons: Odd flavor 
Alcohol Content: 9.25% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Brewery Vivant
Brewers Description: Escoffier is our much heralded collaboration with New Belgium Brewing in Ft. Collins, CO. Coinciding with their entry into Michigan, this project began with a friendly meeting at our pub. After a few beers and some food, the idea to brew a beer together started to take shape.

Auguste Escoffier is considered the master chef of the 20th century. His ideas and methods left an indellible imprint on the culinary world, and are still in use to this very day. We named our beer ‘Escoffier’ to celebrate the relationship between great food and excellent beer, and how they elevate each other when enjoyed together. If you’ve ever visited our pub, this is the cornerstone of what we try to accomplish.

Characteristics: This beer displays our Farmhand yeast and a wild yeast from New Belgium’s brewery called Brettanomyces. Expect a brew that is somewhat dry and malt forward with the “horse blanket” funkiness synonymous with brett. This beer will only get better with time, and cellar well for years to come.

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