460. Maine Beer Another One

Maine Beer Another OneMaine Beer Company released two new beers today at the brewery. These will be hitting retail stores later this week but are available for purchase at the brewery now. These bottles are dated 6-11-2013 so you can’t get any fresher than that. Another One is an American IPA using citra, simcoe and cascade hops and plenty of them. At the brewery bottles are $6 for the typical Maine Beer 16.9 ounce bottle.

Appearance is your typical IPA with a solid two finger white head. Aroma is plentiful with lots of citrus and a bit of pine sneaking in. Taste reminds me a lot of Hill Farmstead beers with a lot of tropical and citrus hops and a slightly oily mouthfeel that leaves a little coating on the teeth and tounge.

Beer is easy to drink and masks the 7% ABV well. This is an excellent beer that challenges Lunch as my favorite from Maine Beer Company. When this beer makes it to your local beer store be sure to buy more than one as you will enjoy it. 
Excellent hop profile
Alcohol Content: 7.0% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Maine Beer
Brewers Description: From the website: Intensely hoppy American IPA, brewed as the light-colored counterpart to Weez (both beers incorporate the exact same kettle and dry hopping schedule).  Another One has a very clean malt palate, leaving little but hoppy resins on the tongue, and finishes dry and crisp.

From the bottle: When we expanded our brewery the stress was something to say the least. I ran out of creative juice for a minute so decided to have another for inspiration. Another One IPA and Weez use the same hops but different malts. The result – Another One is very light on the color and Weez is very dark. Each however, allow the hops to shine out front.

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