450. Rising Tide Maine Island Trail Ale

Rising Tide Maine Island Trail AleThis beer was brewed in part as a benefit to Maine Island Trail Association (learn more here) and released at a Portland Green Drinks event in May 2013. The beer is a session pale ale so if you are buying it in a bottle you may want more than one. My recommendation would be to stop by the brewery for a growler. I did that earlier this month but unfortunately broke the growler in the Gray Hannaford parking lot on my way home.

The beer itself is a light golden color with a bright white head. Aroma is strong for a low ABV beer with plenty of citrus hops and just a bit of pine. Taste is very well balanced, crisp, clean and refreshing. A fair amount of hops for a pale ale and very easy to drink.

If you have a chance to grab a growler of this beer you should. 
Crisp and refreshing
Alcohol Content: 4.3% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: 
Brewers Description: With a bright malt body and bold notes of citrus and pine from the hop blend including Citra and Simcoe, this hoppy American ale is the perfect accompaniment to summer in Maine.

The second beer in our Collaboration Series, we are honored to produce this beer in celebration of 25 years of the Maine Island Trail. The Maine Island Trail Association’s thoughtful use and volunteer stewardship of Maine’s wild islands mirrors Rising Tide’s respect and love for the coast of Maine.

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