441. Rising Tide Brewing Phobos & Deimos

Rising Tide Phobos DeimosThis is a special release beer from Rising Tide, a total of 1,200 – 375 ml bottled were produced and sold at the brewery as well as retailers in Maine and New Hampshire. Phobos and Deimos is part of their Entrepôt serires or saisons. I picked this one up at The Vault in Lewiston.

Nelson Sauvin hops are the only variety used in this beer and I find them particularly delicious. The beer pours a very bright orange color with a nice unfiltered look and huge white head that extends well above the rim of the glass. Aroma has a nice light hop aroma. Overall an appealing beer that does not disappoint when you taste it. Lots of fruity, wine character from the hops and just a small amount of peppery spice.

I really enjoyed this beer and would certainly recommend you grab a bottle if you see one in your local store. 
Easy to drink and flavorful
Alcohol Content: 7.9% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Rising Tide Brewing
Brewers Description:

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