439. Cisco Brewers Double IPA

Cisco Double IPAThis must be a new beer from Cisco Brewers as I cannot find much info online about it. This is part of their Island Reserve program which means it is actually brewed by them and not contract brewed. I don’t mind contract brewed beer as long as it is quality. The Cisco cans I had last summer/fall were not very good but the Island Reserve stuff seems to be much better.

This double IPA has your typical orange color with a two finger white head. Aroma has plenty of fresh hops and a bit of alcohol. Taste follows with a nice hop profile but also quite a bite. The alcohol is warming in the finish and not as well masked as many other double IPAs I have reviewed. Overall this was a tasty DIPA but nothing outstanding. When compared to those available from Hill Farmstead, The Alchemist, Maine Beer, Resin from Sixpoint or Full Throttle from Sebago Brewing it just doesn’t hold up. 
Solid DIPA
Alcohol Content: 6.8% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Cisco Brewers
Brewers Description:

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