431. 603 Brewery Winni Ale

603 Brewery Winni AleI picked up this beer at the brewery on my way back from Vermont earlier this month. The guys at 603 Brewery were nice enough to stick around as I made the long trip back from Burlington on snowy roads but I made it and had a “sample” with the guys before heading for home.

Amber/Red Ales are usually a style of beer that doesn’t excite me too much. They all seem to be pretty similar with only a few that stand out. Fortunately for me Winni Ale from 603 Brewery is one that stands out. Appearance and aroma are typical of the style with a nice deep red color and off white head, smells of sweet malts and just hint of hops.

The taste starts like most Amber Ales with the sweet malts hitting the palate but hops quickly make an appearance with a nice light bitter finish. This is a really nice first effort for 603 Brewery and I look forward to more beer from them in the coming months and years. 
Very tasty amber ale
Alcohol Content: 6.5% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: 603 Brewery
Brewers Description: A clean amber ale with a subtle but noticeable hop character.

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