413. Throwback Brewery Hopstruck IPA

Throwback Hopstruck IPAThrowback is another small brewery in Hampton NH. If you make the trip across the border be sure to visit Earth Eagle, Throwback and Blue Lobster, lots of great beer being made by these three nano breweries.

In addition to making great beer Throwback is one of the few breweries offering these sweet stainless steel growlers. They are expensive but absolutely worth the money with a very classy look, great latching system and keep your beer fresh and cold. Throwback calls Hopstruck a Red IPA which explains its darker than normal coloring and off white head and leaves great lacing on the glass (see photo below).

Aroma has more malt than I expect from an IPA but I guess that is where the red comes into play. Taste is very well balanced with less hops than your typical IPA but still very tasty. This beer is not bitter at all and can be enjoyed by hop heads and others alike. Really like what Throwback is doing and need to try more of their beers. 
Well balanced
Cons: Hops are not dominant as they usually are in IPAs
Alcohol Content: 6.4% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 72
Brewers Website: Throwback
Brewers Description: Hopstruck is a red India Pale Ale that should appeal to the self-proclaimed “hop-heads” or IPA-lovers out there.  With a beautiful dark red color, a crisp, citrus-y aroma, and a lingering hop finish, this beer is sure to please both your eyes and your palette!

Pairing: Pair this beer with grilled meats, salads with creamy cheeses (like goat and bleu), or a nice juicy burger.

Local ingredients include: 2-row, Crystal, & Munich malts grown organically at Qualey Farms (Benedicta, ME) & malted by Valley Malt in Hadley, MA. Willamette hops grown organically at Foothill Hops Farm (Madison County, NY).

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