407. White Birch Brewing Jasmine

White Birch JasmineI picked this beer up at the brewery in January. If I remember correctly Bill came across this at one of his distributors and decided to bring the beer back to the brewery to sell. This was originally bottled in January 2012 and has been sitting for some time. Being a saison that really should not hurt the flavor profile much although I am sure it tasted different when it was bottled last year.

Color is a cloudy brown with a nice tan head. I am not sure what Jasmine smells like but I assume that is what this beer smells like. Small amount of malts, etc but most of what I get is flowery aroma. Taste follows the nose with lots of flowery tastes and only a bit of farmhouse funk to it. The first sip caught me off guard but as I went back for more and more it grew on me.

A very interesting and unique beer that I am glad I had a chance to try but I doubt I will be searching out another bottle. 
Cons: Flowery
Alcohol Content: 8.2% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: White Birch
Brewers Description: With this release by Kate Wallace, our ninth brewer apprentice, we bring you a special Belgian inspired ale. Like the precious Jasmine of the orient, this rich red ale offers a nuanced spiciness with a smooth medium bodied malt backbone and a dry finish.

As Kate moves on, we raise a toast and hope you enjoy her beer as much as we do.

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