388. Squam Brewing Golden IPA

Squam Brewing Golden IPASquam Brewing is a very small one man operation in Holderness, New Hampshire. Brewer/Owner John Glidden makes a variety of styles and all are solid beers. This one is the Golden IPA which does a nice job of describing the color. Also comes with a nice white head and a very appealing aroma even though it is not your typical IPA aroma. There is a nice mix of floral hops and some fruit that I can’t quite place; not the usual citrus, grapefruit but something else. Guess I need to eat more fruit so I can better place these aromas.

Taste is solid for a single IPA with a nice sweet start and then plenty of citrus and floral hops. Well balanced and very easy to drink. Overall I was very pleased with this IPA from Squam and look forward to trying the other beers John makes. 
Aroma, Taste
Alcohol Content: 8.5% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Squam Brewing
Brewers Description:

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