381. Smuttynose Herbaceous

Smuttynose HerbaceousSmuttynose is one of my favorite breweries and their Big Beer series is excellent if you like high ABV (BIG) Beers. They also have a Short Batch series where they have a limited run on bottles (usually less than 1,000) that they sell only at the brewery. These beers sell out in a day or two and unless you make the trip or know someone that is it can be very hard to get these beers.

Fortunately for me I have some great beer friends in the Portsmouth area and one of them was kind of enough to share a bottle of Herbaceous and Lindz (see next post) with me. This beer is a wet hopped red ale with a fairly low ABV of 4.35%. I love this photo but it does make a bit difficult to see the color of the beer; it is a hazy deep red color with a thick off white head. Aroma has a nice herbal hop presence and not much else. Overall a very appealing beer.

The taste on this beer starts out much like other amber/red ales with some sweet caramel malts but quickly transitions to some nice earthy, grassy hops. No citrus, grapefruit, etc just a nice mild hop kick. With the low ABV the beer seems a little watered down but overall I enjoyed it.
Pros: Appearance, well balanced
Alcohol Content: 4.35% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 50
Brewers Website: Smuttynose Brewing
Brewers Description: We decided to go with a very simple malt bill using nothing but Vienna and CaraMunich II, from Weyermann Malt, to brew an amber ale as the base beer.  Bittering was done with Magnum and we used Willamette and Sterling for the flavoring additions.  The 150 lbs of freshly-picked Citra were used exclusively for the wet hop-as- dry hop component that we felt was the best way to showcase the pungent essence of hops right off the vine.  The best way for you to showcase these ethereal hop flavors it to drink the beer as soon as possible, just not on your way from Smuttynose.

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