377. La Cumbre Brewing Co Elevated IPA

La Cumbre Elevated IPAI acquired this beer through a beer trade and had no idea what to expect. We don’t see a lot of beer from New Mexico in Maine but it was an IPA in a 16 oz can with interesting artwork so I was intrigued.

Typical IPA appearance with a nice slightly hazy orange color and single finger white head. Nothing special in the appearance but the aroma makes up for that with lots of citrus hops. Flavor is all IPA with plenty of citrus, grapefruit hops with some pine and a slight bitterness. A bit of malt to balance things out but for the most part this beer is all hops. There is just a hint of alcohol but overall it is pretty well hidden for a 7.2% ABV beer.

The can was gone in no time and it left me wanting more. This beer is worth seeking out if you trade for beer. I have no idea where La Cumbre distributes but I am sure you can find out on BA or RateBeer forums. Not the best IPA as Heady Topper, Maine Beer Company Lunch, Marshall Wharf Can’t Dog all top this beer but certainly worth adding to your ISO list. 
Great hop aroma and taste
Alcohol Content: 7.2% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 100
Brewers Website: La Cumbre Brewing Company
Brewers Description: Did someone ask for hops? Tired of beers that promise a full lupulin experience, but never deliver more than richly malted bitterness? It’s no secret that this is what we excel at. We’ve been brewing world class IPAs for years. Our flagship is the culmination of a decades worth of studying and brewing. Take a step above and acclimate to what an IPA should be.

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