364. Firestone Walker Brewing Double Jack

Firestone Walker is a brewery that I had heard good things about but never seen in Maine. I happened to be at The Drinkery in Londonderry, NH a couple weeks ago and saw some bottles on the shelf. I cannot figure why some beer makes it to certain States of shops and not others but fortunately I make it to enough of them to find these little surprises. After asking the very helpful owner of the store what I should purchase I came home with a bottle of Double Jack. Being an Imperial IPA this is probably what I would have chosen anyway but with her recommendation that made it even easier.

The beer looks and smells like your typical Imperial/Double IPA. Nice orange color with 2 finger off white head. Plenty of citrus and a bit of pine in the aroma with just a hint of alcohol. Taste is solid with a lot of hops and just a little sweetness from the malts. Plenty of citrus, grapefruit, pine and some lingering bitterness. Double Jack leaves a nice coating in the finish and is a good big IPA. Would love to try this one on tap somewhere. 

Alcohol Content: 9.5% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 100
Brewers Website: Firestone Walker
Brewers Description: Double Jack IPA is our first ever Imperial IPA. It features a big malty middle to cloak the high alcohol and mouth puckering hop bitterness. Huge tangerine, grapefruit and juicy fruit aroma blossom over the herbal blue basil and malt earthiness of this aggressive beer. Best enjoyed in moderation.

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