36. R.J. King Wingwalker Pale Ale

This one was a big disappointment. Not sure what I was expecting but it was certainly something better than this. I should have known when it was a twist top that the quality was not going to be good but the label made it appear to be a small brewer which apparently does not mean it is a quality beer. The smell was about the only good thing about this one as it did have a slight citrus smell after pour but the taste was mediocre at best, lots of carbonation and an aftertaste that 5 minutes after I am done is still lingering. I would not recommend this beer and am not looking forward to the Wingwalker Lager that I have in the fridge. Glad I only bought a single and not entire 6 or 12 pack.
Pros: Aroma
Cons: Bad flavor, aftertaste, overly carbonated
Alcohol Content: 5.4% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Rating: ★½☆☆☆
Brewers Website: R.J. Wingwalker
Brewers Description: Ah…the master showmen of aviation acrobatics. Performing in an era when flight was freedom, these competitive daredevils performed breathtaking feats as they “one upped” each other with their signature tricks. Wingwalkers brought excitement to the County Fairs of the 1920’s as they whet the appetites of those spectators yearning for adventure!
“Wet” your appetite for adventure with one of the trailblazing beer styles in the R. J. King Wingwalker portfolio.

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