343. Blue Lobster Brewing Excess Is Not Rebellion

Blue Lobster Brewing is a new brewery in Hampton, NH and I was there on the first day they were filling growlers and 750s. That day they were giving samples of their Gold Claw Pale Ale and filling 750s of Excess Is Not Rebellion and Gales of November.

Excess Is Not Rebellion is the first of their Double IPAs and it is an excellent start. The beer is super clean which made me think it was filtered however David informed me it is simply the process they use that clears the beer out giving it the filtered look. Color is the deep orange you expect from a Double IPA with a solid white head that is retained well and leaves great lacing. A very pleasant sweet citrus aroma draws you into the beer.

Taste does not disappoint with solid citrus notes balanced well with sweet malts. It is a bit sweeter than I expected but not in a bad way. Finish is smooth and clean without the resin film that many Double IPAs leave. This beer is refreshing and masks the 8% ABV well. Overall a very drinkable beer that is worth a trip to across the border to try. 
Very drinkable and well balanced

Alcohol Content: 8% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Rating: ★★★★☆
Brewers Website: Blue Lobster (Facebook page)
Brewers Description: 

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