339. Evil Twin Brewing Russian Roulette

I got this beer as a birthday present from my Sister-in- law and her husband, I believe they purchased it at The Vault in Lewiston. This is an interesting beer and a great piece of marketing from the two brewers that collaborated on this beer. Evil Twin is a brewer based on Denmark and OMNIPOLLO  is based in Sweden. The interesting twist is there are two versions of this beer; a traditional IPA and a black IPA and you won’t know which one you have until you open the bottle. Obviously I got the black IPA.

The beer is BLACK, no hints of brown or red it is just pitch black with a very thick head. The head is not a result of a bad pour as it happened again when I finished pouring the bottle. Fortunately it dissipates quickly to about 1/4 inch leaving great lacing on the glass. Aroma is an interesting mix of hops and roasted malts. Neither overpowers the other but both are present.

Taste is very good with plenty of roasted malts coming through but also a nice bitterness from the hops. The finish is  sticky and some pine lingers until the next drink. This beer is quite complex and very drinkable. Now I am curious what the IPA tastes like.
Complex taste
Huge head
Alcohol Content: 7.1% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Rating: ★★★☆
Brewers Website: Evil Twin
Brewers Description:Congratulations, you have just managed to get your hands on Russian Roulette – a rare kind of collaboration between Evil Twin Brewing (Denmark) and OMNIPOLLO (Sweden).
This beer would best be described as an IPA with a twist. A twist that will reveal itself first after you “bust some caps”. One thing remains sure however, if you like hops and the lush texture of a well crafted beer this will have you smiling as you face your destiny.
Good luck

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