322. Allagash House Beer

When Allagash announced they were releasing a “house” beer I was not sure what to expect. Then some details started to appear online (although not on the Allagash website) saying it would be a Belgian Pale Ale that would pair well with meals similar to a table wine. The beer is only available at the brewery and sold in a beautiful wooden case. The beer is $40 and the case is $20. Once the beer is gone you can take the empty case back to the brewery and get it filled with 24 fresh bottles for $40.

The beer is beautiful clear gold with an inch thick bright white head. Aroma is typical of a Belgian with some cloves, pepper and bready malts. The taste is where this one excels with a crisp, clean Belgian style beer. Similar to but still different than White and just as they intended this one would pair well with most meals or on its own. I shared several of these with others and everyone agreed this is another high quality beer from Allagash. This beer also leaves amazing lacing on the glass (see photo at the bottom of this post).  The fact that you have to buy 24 of them should not stop you from buying a case. If you like Allagash beer you need to grab a case of this for your next gathering. 
Crisp, clean and pairs well with food
Cons: Only available by the case
Alcohol Content: 4.5% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Rating: ★★★★☆
Brewers Website: Allagash
Description: A simple, fairly low abv beer (4.5%) easy drinker to compliment food. Much like a table wine. The beer will be available on at the brewery only.

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