29. Samuel Adams Bonfire Rauchbier

This has to be one of the most interesting beers I have tasted in quite some time. It is a new flavor for Samuel Adams in 2011 and I hope they keep it around for future year. I was not sure what to expect with the name Bonfire Rauchbier but the description Sam Adams has on it’s website is right on (see below). A dark beer with a nice tan head, definitely one of the best beers for color and aroma. The taste is hard to describe but unlike any other beer, smoky flavor with a slight sweetness at the end.
 Food pairings recommended by Samuel Adams are for any BBQ meat and I would certainly agree with that.  If you like different types of beer certainly give this one a try.
Pros: Dark color, Great aroma and original taste.
Cons:  Can only be purchased in a 12 pack with 5 other flavors. Would love to try this beer on draft somewhere.
Alcohol Content: 5.7%
Calories: 213
IBU (Bitterness): 22
Rating: ★★★½☆
Brewers Website: Samuel Adams
Brewers Description: Bold, smoky character with a smooth malty finish.
The first thing one notices about a Samuel Adams® Bonfire Rauchbier is the deep smoky flavor which is balanced by a blend of malts that provide hints of caramel & toffee sweetness.

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